What to do and where to go in Franciacorta

If you plan to visit Franciacorta, which is worldwide famous for its fine wines, the picturesque Lake Iseo, Montisola and many other interesting attractions, our restaurant is the best solution to stop and enjoy a good lunch or a relaxing dinner. Here are some of our tips on what you should visit during your stay.

enogastronomia franciacorta

Franciacorta wine cellars

If you are a wine lover, you should definitely visit at least one of the wineries in Franciacorta and purchase some prestigious bottles of wine.

We also recommend a visit to the Craft Breweries, which are places where you can taste High Quality Beers and the products are all natural and locally produced.

paesaggio lago iseo

Iseo and Montisola

Iseo is an important tourist centre on the south-eastern shore of Lake Iseo and can be reached in just three minutes by car from our motel. Here you can take the ferry and go visit Montisola, the largest lake island in Italy.

torbiere del sebino

Natural Reserve “Torbiere del Sebino”

Torbiere del Sebino is a natural reserve and it is an important area for biodiversity in the Po Valley in Lombardy. In this huge aquatic-marsh you will find a variety of different habitats and species, some of which are rare or endangered in Lombardy and in Italy.

lago paesaggio

The Pyramids of Zone

In Zone, a town located in the north-east side of Lake Iseo, you can visit the famous Pyramids of Zone, a fascinating landscape of boulders perched atop slender columns of clay created by a unique form of erosion.